How to Store Wine

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Wine is expensive, and good wine is even more expensive. Nothing is worse for a Wine collector to come to their collection and see that all their bottles are ruined. So let’s ensure this never happens and show you how to store wine.

How To Store Wine

Taking these tips into consideration will ensure that whenever you take a bottle out of storage it will be perfect.

1. Angle Is Everything

Oxygen is the biggest enemy to self storage, so keep it far, far away. The best way to do that? The angle at which you store your bottles. If you wondered why wine is almost always stored on its side, it’s because of the cork. The cork soaks up and wine and expands. This expansion keeps the seal as tight as possible and keeps the oxygen out of the bottle.

2. Temperature

Arguably the most important factor when storing wine and the reason why wine fridges exist. The temperature also affects the cork and the seal as well, too high a temp and the Wine will sour and too cold the cork will let air in. At North Shore Mini Storage, we have climate controlled units, perfect for storing your precious wine.

3. Humidity

This one is pretty simple. Too dry of an environment and the cork will crack and leak. Make sure to keep the environment a bit humid to ensure your corks stay in place.

4. Security

As mentioned before, wine can be really expensive. This is a problem for people who keep expensive collections at home, as often they are the target of burglaries. Keeping your Wine with North Shore Mini Storage is the safest option and we even have insurance options.

5. Don’t Touch

Key, key, the key is not to disturb the bottles once you have put them in storage until you drink them that is. Vibrations and disrupt the natural sediment that builds up in the Wine, and if its constantly disturbed, the Wine will taste bitter when drank.

Keep the Wine you drink safe and secure, and now that you are a Wine storage expert, rent a climate controlled room for your Wine collection.


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