How To Store Your Collectibles

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If you missed out on our blog “How To Become A Professional Collector” be sure to give it a read. Otherwise, its clear you are here to find out exactly how to store those valuable collections that you have. Well at North Shore Mini Storage, we are the clear experts on all things self storage. So join us and learn to store your things safely.

How To Store Your Collectibles

Whether you choose to use self storage or store it at home, these same rules apply. We want your stuff to be safe either way.

Dedicated Storage Space

Whatever you are storing, make sure that you have a space dedicated to that item or collection only. Things get messy and disorganized when you try to fit too many items or categories into one space. At North Shore Mini Storage we have spaces small or large, with CCTV monitoring and security systems. Make our space your space. Keep your collectibles safe with us.

No Sunlight

What ruins collections more than anything? UV rays! The sun is not your friend and it will dull and yellow many plastics. It will ruin photographs and the heat will wreak havoc on electronics. Your best bet is a cool dark place, free of any sun and moisture.

Pack Tight

When packing your collection make sure that the packing is tight and the item doesn’t move around too much. For fragile items consider using some type of bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Use plastic boxes for heavier items and cardboard for anything else. If you need any packing supplies, we sell it all.

Label Your Collectibles Boxes

We can’t stress this enough and its a common theme in our blog posts. Labeling what you put into each box will save you such a headache! Especially if you often forget what you put into storage. In addition to labels, make sure that you keep a list of everything you place in and take out of your storage locker. The last thing you want is wasting time rummaging through every box.

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