How to Keep Your Antiques Safe

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How to Keep Antiques Safe

Dining Room

Many of us own too many things. Too many useless things. Look around your home right now. Let’s start in the dining room. That old China that your grandmother gave you as a wedding gift, and those WWII era utensils. What about those plates you received as a wedding gift from your mother-in-law which are taking up valuable display space in that (also very old) armoire.  Wouldn’t you rather put up pictures there of your most recent vacation, or pictures from your kids’ soccer game? Of course, you would, but you can’t. No matter how many times you’ve been tempted to channel your inner Greek and smash them into the million little pieces that they deserve to be in (“OPA!”), you resist for fear of upsetting that awful mother-in-law who, let’s be honest, you’ve never really liked anyway. Priorities.


Now let’s move to the bathroom. That old vanity, perhaps it’s seen better days. Maybe it’s too big and clunky for your sleek, modern home. What about those awful porcelain cats sitting on top of the vanity? No matter how unique they are or how much they’re worth, nobody wants to have those dusty, shiny-gone-dull felines staring at them as they answer nature’s call at two in the morning.

Sentimental Items

As you encounter these items all over your home, you think to yourself: “Too tacky for the home, but too sentimental to simply throw away.” This is a problem met by many a homeowner. Know that you are not alone. Some of these items may indeed be of some value – we all have that crazy uncle who swears that those relics stashed away under the stairs would net you a small fortune on “Antiques Roadshow.” Many, however, are of much more questionable value, but because they have been passed down through your family for generations, you are beholden to keep them and not throw them away.

In the interest of keeping your home clean and organized, and your sanity in check, a smart solution is to store those antiques in our secure storage facility. There, you can relax in the knowledge that your precious items will remain safe and ready to be passed down to the next generation when the time comes, or for when “Antiques Roadshow” does finally come to town.

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