Life Events when Self Storage is Beneficial

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Everyone experiences big events in life that can be stressful, exciting, unavoidable…some of which are planned and also some that are completely unexpected. To keep your stress level down and your sanity at normal levels, you need to plan for them. You would be surprised to learn how self storage can beneficial during these times.

How Self Storage Can be Beneficial

Selling Your Home.

Most people have moved at least once, and it isn’t the most fun thing to do. If you are like most of us, you need to list your house for sale while still living in it. We are a great place to store all the items you don’t need on a daily basis and that takes up a lot of space. When staging your home, you want it to look clean, organized, and big – so move all that extra stuff into a storage unit.

You always have the possibility of selling your house faster than expected as well. Everyone should be so lucky to sell in a couple of weeks, but most people don’t plan for that. Now you need to get out quickly but haven’t found your next home just yet. That means you need to move into an apartment or stay with relatives until you find that dream house. All of your belongings need somewhere to go and self storage is the perfect solution! Our leases our monthly, so you can store only as long as you need to without a long-term commitment.

Getting Engaged or Married.

He finally popped the question…and you said yes! You have decided to move in together in your apartment, but realize you have two of just about everything and it’s not all going to fit! You don’t want to get rid of it, because you know you will be buying a home down the road and can use it then. Choosing a self storage unit to house all the extra furniture and kitchen appliances is a great idea!

Or, maybe you don’t have too much stuff right now but are planning to start collecting all those items you will need for your first home while you save money living in an apartment. Think about it, buying your first house together is usually one of the next steps after you tie the knot. You also have the registry gifts to think about from the big day…where are those going to fit in your one-bedroom apartment?

You can store all the great gifts from your wedding with ease by renting a self storage unit. Plus, you can purchase those brand new big-ticket items you want for the new place as they go on sale and have no worries about where to keep them all.

Starting a Family.

You have just told your family and close friends the exciting news of a new baby coming in a few months. Congratulations! Now, where are you going to put the nursery? Time to clean out that extra bedroom or office to make room for your new bundle of joy! You know you want to keep all your stuff but don’t have any room for it. Self storage is a great solution! You can hang on to the extra bedroom set, either for your next house or for when the baby grows up and needs one of her own.


Your kids just left for college; your kids have recently rented or purchased their own place; you just decided you no longer need all that extra space at this time in your life, or maybe you (or your parents) are moving into a retirement community that has much less closet space and only a one-car garage. Downsizing is a fact of life for many people at some time or another. Use a self storage unit as your “extra closet space” or “extra garage” so you don’t have to rush around selling all your family heirlooms. We have many sizes to choose from so you can be sure everything will fit nicely.

Kids Moving Back Home.

These days, the kids who are moving back home aren’t always college students or recent graduates. Many

families are making decisions to save money by moving back home. The reasons are many; loss of employment, ailing parents who want to stay in their home, a life-altering injury that requires around the clock care, and so on.

Your college student or graduate who comes home probably has more stuff to bring back than when he or she left for school, but you have no room to store it. If you lose your job, you probably want to keep all of your furniture and appliances for when you get back on your feet, and you know your parents don’t have enough room to store an entire extra house of stuff at their place. Or if you are one of the many adults moving back “home” to take care of your parents, you have a lifetime of belongings that you don’t want to get rid of right now. You know at some point you will be out on your own again and it makes more sense to hang on to your stuff than get rid of it now just to purchase it again later down the road. Selecting a self storage unit to keep your stuff safe and secure makes a lot of sense.

Life is full of changes, many that are very exciting, and some that are just downright stressful. Let us help you by providing storage space during these times. Our property manager is very knowledgeable and can help you decide what size and type of self storage unit are right for you. Contact us at any time for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

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