If You Are Moving You Probably Forgot These 5 Things

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If I never had to move I would be a pretty happy person. However, such is life, and moving is a part of that. Even when I’m packing for a trip I’m always nervous I forgot an item or two. When I move you can knock that up a notch. So to help you, and me, North Shore Mini Storage has come up with the top 5 things people forget when moving.

5 Things You Forgot When Moving

1. To Label

A small thing to think about, but it creates huge problems when you unpack. Labeling each and every box may seem like a tedious task among the many you have to do, but it’s one of the most important. Making sure your boxes are clearly labeled before you put them on the truck will help so much with the unpacking process.

2. Packing Away Important Items

You didn’t give it a second thought when you packed away your laptop and makeup, but now that you are at your home, you need them. Well, it’s time to sort through all the boxes looking for these essentials. We suggest packing a suitcase, holiday style, of all the things you will need immediately upon arrival.

3. Moving On Friday

Seems pretty innocent right? Well, think again, almost everyone else moving moves on a Friday or at the end of the month. Be prepared to pay almost double for a moving truck, moving company, and movers. Our suggestion is to move during the middle of the week/month if you can swing it.

4. Keys

You forgot to grab the keys from the old owner. It’s a common thing to happen if you don’t use a realtor. It’s the worse thing to happen when you arrive and have the movers waiting around for you to open the door, awkward.

5. You Didn’t Rent a Storage Unit

Most self storage places on the North Shore are pretty full. It’s a bad idea to look for one last minute. Chances are you will have to rent a bigger unit than needed. Be prepared and rent a unit well in advance to store all the things you won’t need at your new home.

Moving is stressful, remember these 5 things to ensure you get through it.




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