Not Sure What to Store? Ask These 3 Questions

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So, you have decided on a self storage unit. Whether you are looking to declutter your home, you need to store some things during a selling process, or you are starting a business. Whatever the reason you may be asking your self “What should I store?” Well, we have three questions you should ask yourself if you don’t know what to store.

3 Questions to Ask before Storing

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  1. Is it Used Often?

Probably the best way to know to store an item is to figure out if you actually use it often enough. If the answer to this is NO, then clearly it needs to be stored away. This question is also great when looking at seasonal items. If it’s Summer and you ask yourself if you plan to use that ski jacket, the answer will be NO. So gather up all the items that you don’t use and put em into a storage unit.

  1. Do I have Multiple?

Just get married? Do you have 3 toasters sitting around? Then your best bet is to get those items in storage. This isn’t restricted to the newlyweds. If you have multiple items or multiple different items that all do the same thing, then its time to store them away. A big process of decluttering a space is streamlining it, which is accomplished by removing redundant items.

  1. Do I Have Space For This?

If you are really unsure about an item, just figure out if you have space for it. This is a great way to stop impulse buying as well if you don’t have room don’t buy it. If you got home and realize this, it’s off to the storage unit. This works well for big and bulky items that don’t have a proper place to fit.

Think you have a better way of deciding what to store? We would love to hear it!


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