Organize Your Storage Unit Like a Pro

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Many people pack their storage units in the most unique ways, and in the long run, actually, make a total mess of them. Well, here at North Shore Mini Storage we have made a tip sheet for how you should better organize your storage unit to make sure it’s usable and safe.

Organizing Your Storage Unit


You want to know where things are and what is inside each box. You may think that you will remember, but after 20 boxes are into your unit, there is no chance you will know. Grab a cheap label gun at Staples or any other office supplies store and get labeling, even a sharpie works great on cardboard.

2.Used items upfront

Put the items you regularly grab and place them up front. While this makes sense now, make sure while packing you remember to group frequently used items together, to use the least amount of boxes. Consider plastic containers for the items you use most as they can withstand wear and tear better.

3. Leave Room

Make an isle in the unit, so you can easily walk to the back and grab items. It also helps when packing the unit as you can have a free space to walk into, Be careful when packing high up so that no boxes fall into the isle on top of you, ouch!

4, Photos

Take photos of the unit once packed so you know what is inside and where certain things are. This also helps with insurance claims if anything should happen to your locker. You can prove to the insurance company what you had inside much easier with a photo.

That’s it! Take it from us here at North Shore Mini Storage, following the tips in this list will help you quite a lot in your self storage endeavors. Contact Us today for
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