How to Pack Your Storage Unit

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Packing a storage unit isn’t the easiest thing to do. You need to be efficient, space-saving and remember exactly where everything is. Miss one of these steps and your unit might turn into a disaster zone. Let North Shore Mini Storage show you have to pack a storage unit right.

Storage Unit Packing Tips

Get The Right Size

Getting the right size storage unit is step one. Nothing is worse than having to unpack an entire unit and move to a bigger or smaller one. First you need to identify how much stuff you have, or if you are moving a home, how many rooms you are moving. This is a great guide on what size storage locker you will need.

Packing Uniformly

This means packing everything in an orderly fashion. Heavy boxes on the bottom with lighter ones on top. Use cardboard for all the light items and heavy plastic for the heavy ones. By using plastic boxes on the floor, they will be better protected against moisture.

Label and Note

If you want to have any kind of idea where things are, you need to label. Label everything in a way which you will understand. Once you are done labeling, group similar boxes together and make a note of where they are. A great tip is to keep a running “inventory” of all the items in the unit. As you take out and put in, mark them off/add them on the list.

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