Self Storage & Small Business

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Every small business should look for ways to maximize profits. Self storage is a great way for independent contractors and small businesses alike to better their profit margins. North Shore Mini Storage is always looking for ways for small and medium-sized businesses to use to save on their bottom line. Read below for reasons why self storage will help your business.

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Self Storage and Small Business


For a small business, buying in bulk helps to increase your profit margin and reduces your shipping cost per unit. However, this brings the problem of storage. It is not practical to build or even long-term lease more warehouse space. A long term leased warehouse tie up capital which can instead be used to accelerate the growth of your business. This is a major advantage that a self storage service can provide to a growing business.


Self Storage also assists with organizing your inventory. Self storage lockers come in many different sizes. You can rent a small unit for one type of good and put other types of goods in a larger unit. That way, it is easier to retrieve the right items that your small business may need.

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Staffing Cost

Many growing companies cannot afford to siphon cash off to pay for unnecessary staffing.  Self storage can take on some of the duties of a warehouse manager. As well as the other staff that is required a run a warehouse and inventory system.  This reduces staffing costs and allows for more profit to be reinvested back into the business.

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Small business owners have little free time. Renting a self storage unit is fast and simple. Here at North Shore Mini Storage, we can provide a self storage unit within a matter of minutes, allowing for more time to be focused on your business.

The advantages are clear for self storage if you too can see the advantages for your business, give us a call today for a free quote and answer any questions you may have.

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