Small Business Storage North Vancouver – Where do you Store Your Stock?

small business storage, north vancouver

It’s 2022 and many businesses are back in full swing. We at North Shore Mini Storage know that as a business grows so does its need for storage. Our central location makes us the perfect partner for businesses in North Vancouver.

How Self Storage can help Small Businesses in North Vancouver

So you have started a business in North Vancouver? And you’re selling your goods on the internet. Fantastic, things are going well, but the house is starting to fill up with stock.

It’s taking over the spare room, the garage and anywhere else where there is space. The rest of the family is starting to wonder whether there will be any room for them soon!

What do you do? You are a victim of your own success, it sounds like it time to look for premises. But then you don’t want to sign up to long leases on buildings, and what if it grows even faster, or even goes the other way? You don’t want those sorts of commitments.

Small Business Storage, North Vancouver

Why not consider self storage. This ticks a number of boxes for small expanding businesses. Particularly online businesses. Really what you need is space to store your stock. You can rent a storage room of pretty much any size, so you are only renting as much space as you require. When it gets busier, for example Christmas, you will be able to rent additional space for this period. But when it gets to January, you will be able to vacate it, thereby reducing your costs.

Some storage companies will have a reception that will accept deliveries on our behalf, and even manage pick-ups from couriers. This is a massive benefit for an internet entrepreneur as it frees you up to do other things, whether this is your main job or expand the business further.

I have seen numerous eCommerce business operations run very successfully from self storage, these include a company selling golf balls over the internet, as well as a gift company. They all had one thing in common, they required cost-effective flexible business storage space.

With the added bonus of a manned reception and a few other services, this could be the right solution for an expanding eBay or eCommerce business. Eventually you may progress to a larger commercial property, but this could certainly be the stepping stone to get there!

Small Business Storage, North Vancouver – Why not call North Shore Mini Storage. We offer a range of both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned storage rooms for businesses. Whether you have a short or long term requirement, North Shore Mini Storage can help.

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