How To Organize Your Spices

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The spice rack is a thing that often goes unorganized and neglected. Well with Winter here we at North Shore Mini Storage think that you should give some attention to organize that spice rack. After all, it’s responsible for making your food taste great. If you have a large collection it can be a bit daunting, not to worry we will guide you along the way.

How to Organize Spices

You can apply some of these tips to other things in the kitchen like tea.

Make a Listlist, pen, paper

First things first, make a list of all the spices that you have. Without a list, it will be hard to organize spices later on. So grab a pen and paper and start writing. If you can’t identify some of the spices (label came off etc.) then your best bet is to toss it away as they have probably gone bad. This also a good place to decide whether you want to keep certain spices or not. Tossing ones you do not use will help with space later on.

mason jar, glass, clearChoose Storage Containers

The most “creative” part of this whole process would be choosing what to store your spices in. You may think to just use the containers they come in, but aesthetically that doesn’t look very good. By choosing one type of container for your spices you allow a uniform system and won’t have big and bulky containers.

We like small mason jars for this, they are reusable, clear (see what’s inside), and easily replaceable. By choosing a reusable and easily refillable storage system you can buy your spices in bulk, saving you money.

Label Timespices, label, rack

Grab your label maker and start labeling all the containers of spices, big and bold so you won’t have trouble finding them. Try and use plastic labels as the kitchen environment quickly ruins paper labels.

That’s it! Pretty simple and effective. Add this to your list of Winter cleaning duties and check out our last blog on using self storage for spring cleaning.


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