How To Store Books Forever

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Forever seems like a very long time, but books are made for just that. Assuming that you know just how to store them properly. If you have a big collection, a self storage unit might be your best bet. Climate controlled units work best. At North Shore Mini Storage, we know just how to store books.

How to Store Books

Keep Water Away

This is no brainier, but water and paper do not mix. Sometimes storage units can become damp and at that point, it’s too late to save your books. So, what can you do? Storage them sealed inside plastic bags. Often times big freezer bags will fit most books, so get yourself a pile of those. Is your booked already water damaged? Do not try and dry it out, but instead place it in a freezer and bring it to a book store for expert help.

Store Right

When storing books inside boxes there are a few things you should know. One, stack the books horizontally, keep the weight off. Two, stack them spine to spine, and three, do not use cardboard boxes. Cardboard is susceptible to mice and silverfish who will chew right through them and into your books.

No Weight

Keep the weight off books. Why? Because stacking books vertically one on top of another will break the spines. Spines are held together with glue and if you place stress on the spine the glue will crack and pages will start to fall out. We are sure you have seen this happen before. Book repair is an expensive not always successful process, so do yourself and your books and favor and follow these book storage tips.

Store all the books you want at North Shore Mini Storage, we will keep them in tip-top condition for you.


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