Store Your Expensive Camera Equipment

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Cameras can be EXPENSIVE. But they aren’t always needed and take up space in your home. But when you do store them, it’s important that you do it properly. This is because sensitive electronics are susceptible to even the tiniest amounts of damage or moisture. Let us give you some top tips on how to store your video and camera equipment.

Storing Camera Equipment

Mark Everything

Label, label, and label again. With lots of video or camera equipment, differentiating which part goes with what camera can be a pain if they are all thrown into an unlabeled box. We suggested painters tape, as it’s not marking and won’t stick of damage the equipment. Write on the tape what is what, brand and purpose. “Power Cord Sony” is just an example.

Tie those cables

Ever put headphones in your pocket and they come out all tangled in giant knots? Well, expect that to happen to any cables you place in the box. Get some twist ties, or zap straps, and keep those cables nice and tied. This will help tremendously when you go to take out your equipment later.


Look into getting proper camera and video cases, they are specially designed to hold camera equipment. Usually metal and with special weatherproof stripping on the inside, they will keep your cameras free of bumps and moisture.

Make Space

Dedicate a section of your unit for your equipment. If you just throw all your things in the unit, you will inevitably end up damaging or losing some important piece of equipment. Either mark off a section with tape or rent a smaller unit dedicated to storing your valuable cameras.

If you need secure camera storage, we have climate controlled units perfect for sensitive equipment. It is the best and most secure choice when it comes to storing camera or video equipment, give us a call today to learn more.

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