University Student Storage Tips

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During college years, students are on the move – again and again.  “Where am I going to put all this stuff” during break or my year overseas? Here are our tips for self storage during university term and semester break.

University Student Storage Tips

Student Storage

Students should look for a self storage facility that is close to their campus. Along with proximity, it is important to ensure that the self-storage facility should offer 7 days access so that one can retrieve their items whenever they want.

With North Vancouver’s wild weather, students need a place out of the rain and with reasonably low humidity. Otherwise, books and electronics may be damaged by high humidity.

Use good quality strong boxes. Books are very heavy, so use only smaller boxes to pack.

Consider sharing a locker or storage unit with a friend and cut your costs. However, it is important to be very clear on who is paying and when.

Never store food, and if you put a microwave in, clean it completely. Otherwise, ants, roaches and pests will be all over your stuff when you collect it back.

Keep a list of what they have packed in numbered boxes so if you want to retrieve just a few things, the “Search for the Lost Ark” won’t take too long.

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