What Size Locker Do You Need?

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We are always happy to give advice on the unit, or locker to rent. Or come down and take a look for yourself. However, there some things to consider. This new article from our friends at Square Foot gives some great suggestions. Our best tip is to use strong boxes or plastic containers and stack ‘em high. Most renters don’t take advantage of the full height. For a condensed version of the article, keep reading!

What Size do I Need?

Take stock

Take a quick inventory of items including furniture and appliances and estimate the number of boxes and/or totes. You can use a tape measure for the larger items. Consider whether you have irregular-shaped items that can’t be boxed or stacked like lamps or bikes.

To Cram or Not to Cram

Are you stuffing it full or do you need a slightly larger unit to walk around and move items? Use Interactive Size Guides They can help you gauge the right size unit and offer ideas for packing your unit. Examples: LifeStorage – Unit Size Guide Gauge Space

Using a Moving Truck

If you’re using a moving truck, the truck’s dimensions can help you estimate how much total storage space you’ll need. The truck size is typically one larger than the unit size you’ll need When in Doubt, Go Big Many new customers underestimate their needs and choose a unit that’s too small. It’s recommended inquiring about the price of the next larger size.

See For Yourself

Before making that final decision, visit the facility to tour a unit that’s the same size as the one you’re planning to rent. Seeing it might be easier than trying to picture it in your head.

Understand Dimensions

Typically, units are sized by length times width, giving you an estimated floor space square footage. You can calculate your needs by square footage or the number of rooms you’ll be storing.
And that’s it! You can call us here at North Shore Mini Storage for further help or advice!
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