5 Electrical Safety Tips For Homeowners

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If you are a homeowner you should know some basic tips about electrical safety. Some of the biggest home disasters start because of a poor knowledge of how various important electrical components in the housework. Let’s help you out and prevent accidents by giving you 5 quick tips about household electrical safety.

All Homeowners Should Know These Electrical Safety Tips

1. Get an Inspection

This isn’t necessary if your home is new, but if your home is older and you cannot remember, or never have had an electrical inspection, get one now. Having an inspection will alert you to any incoming or present problems with your homes electrical system. Older homes may not be up to code anymore due to the constantly changing codes and regulations.

2. Know Your Panel

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The first step is to know where your electrical panel is, and the second to know what each switch does. Most homes will have some sort of chart detailing what everything does, but for the older homes, you may not be able to read the previous homeowners writing or the guide is gone. Start testing each button (with help) and figure out what everything does! Hire an electrician if you need help.

3. Self Test Outlets

An extremely easy way to test the safety of your home is to simply feel your outlets. If they are warm or hot, it’s a sign of a serious problem. Call an electrician ASAP before something catastrophic happens. Heat and electricity do not go together well.

4. Flickering is Bad

This isn’t Stranger Things, the flickering lights aren’t trying to talk to you. Well, maybe they are, in a way. They are telling you that there is an electrical fault somewhere in your home. If you see flickering lights, time to call the professionals.

5. If in Doubt Call Someone

One of the leading causes of injury and death in the home is homeowners trying to preform their own electrical repairs. We understand that it can be expensive to hire and electrician, but it might just save your life.

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