4 Things to Find After a Move

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When you are in the process of moving around, you have a million things running around your brain. It’s only natural that you tend to forget a few things here and there. Most people do not realize that once the move is done, it’s still not over. Here are 4 things you need to find AFTER you are done moving.

4 Things After You Move

1. Hairdresser

Many people have one hairdresser that they trust and keep around for a long time. Well, when you move, you may not think about this right away, but when times come for a fresh cut, where do you go? Well, you can ask friends, neighbours or even co-workers. Another option is to check local hairdressers/barbershops and their online reviews. This should be enough to find someone well recommended. You might have to try a few before you find a favourite.

2. Family Doctor

Family doctors are hard to find and even harder to get into. So this might be an important step before you even move, leaving it until you arrive could be costly. We suggest that you first ask your original family doctor to see if they can refer you to another in your destination city. You could also use this website to help your search, they list all the physicians in your new area.

3. Storage

If you are downsizing or simply need time to unpack and sort everything out, finding storage is critical. Often you can research self storage facilities in your area, Sparefoot is a great online tool for this. At North Shore Mini we have storage in an easily accessible location with great rates.

4. Trusted Mechanic

Finding a good mechanic is almost as hard as finding a doctor. You want someone you can trust with your vehicle. If you haven’t found one, your car brand dealership could help, however, we suggest going independent as the service and prices are generally better. Just like hairdressers, online reviews are your best friend in this situation.
Don’t forget these 4 things and the sooner you start thinking about them the better. Good luck with your move and choose North Shore Mini Storage.
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