Avoid Moving Injuries When Using Self Storage

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A move is a major stress and it can be painful as well if you injure yourself. Our blog has some tips to reduce stress. Now we want to share tips to reduce your back moving injuries.

Avoid Moving Injuries

Lifting boxes or furniture is like any other exercise– you must stretch first to prevent any damage to your body. You should definitely stretch your arms, legs, and back since those will be the parts of the body that will be used the most while lifting. Check out this site for ways to stretch these parts of your body for a move.

Lift Properly

First, avoid lifting if you can. Handcarts or dollies should become your best friend when moving because they not only make moving easier but also alleviates the stress on your body since you are not carrying boxes, just pushing them. Second, there are many ways to lift, however many people tend to do it wrong. Follow these steps:

  • Bend at the knees, not the waist.
  • Keep the object you’re lifting close to your body.
  • Do not twist your body.
  • Avoid lifting things over your head.
  • Position legs apart.
  • Get a good grip and lift with the legs, not the back.
  • When moving something, push rather than pull.
  • Keep your footing secure.
  • Lift smoothly and slowly; do not jerk.

The main key to lifting a box is to put more pressure on your legs over your back so as not to strain your back.

Third, wear gloves when lifting heavier objects, especially furniture, so you have a better grip and the object does not fall out of your hands. Fourth do not forget to bring plenty of water to keep from becoming dehydrated and if it is possible to move during the morning or early in the day that is also a wise move too because that will prevent you from overheating or tiring out quickly. Fifth, have a First-Aid kit handy just in case someone does get a cut or a minor bruise.

Moving into a self storage facility should involve as little stress as possible. Injury and sprains can be prevented by taking caution when lifting boxes and remembering these tips.

North Shore Mini Storage wants to keep you safe and injury-free, follow these steps to prevent unnecessary injuries.

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