Get The Best Price on Moving Trucks

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Moving is expensive and there isn’t really a way to get around it. If you have absolutely no money, you might find this article on moving broke a good read. For the rest, let’s try and find you the best price on moving trucks. There is always a deal out there if you look hard enough.

Moving Trucks for Cheap

Choose Time and Date Wisely

Just like hotels and airlines, the time and day that you choose greatly affects the price. You want to do some research and find out which dates and times are cheapest for the moving truck that you need. The summer is always expensive, as it’s when most people have the time off. Try to choose the middle of the week in winter for the absolute rock bottom prices.

Pick up and Drop off

Another great way to save money is to pick up and drop off the moving truck to the same location. There can be a high charge for different location drop-offs. Make sure that you choose a location that’s roughly halfway between your new home and your old home. On top of the savings, you will be glad you don’t have to drive as far after a tiring day of moving.

Shop Around

Not all moving truck companies are made the same. The prices will differ greatly and you should shop around and get some quotes before finally deciding on the moving truck company that is right for you.

Pack Before

Moving trucks are usually priced by the hour or day. By having all your items ready to be put into the truck before you move is key. If you want to waste money by having a truck sit, you are moving wrong. Think of it like this, “Every minute the truck isn’t moving is money being wasted”.

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