How to Downsize in North Vancouver

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We don’t need to live in such a large space, and in fact many people are trading their large places for smaller ones, aka downsizing. This saves money and makes for a more economical lifestyle. But how does one do it? How do you go from living large to living small? North Shore Mini Storage has the answers. 2021 promises to be a huge year for condo sales, with more and more people downsizing.

Downsize in North Vancouver


This should be first on your list. Measure the size of your new place and get a feel for how much room you have to work with. Even better, once you measure, take some tape and mark out the area in a larger space and start to place your furniture to see how it might work.

Big First

Okay, move day is here, don’t worry, but move the large items first. It may be harder, but the items that are larger are harder to manoeuvre and the less stuff you have in the way inside your new space, the easier it is to get the larger items in. You can downsize much easier by loading large items first.

Take it apart

It may take longer, but trust us, if you take things apart they will be much easier to move and be harder to damage accidentally when moving. Take the legs off tables and the drawers out of cabinets to make your life easier. If you have a lot of IKEA furniture, they have all their furniture guides online.

Rent a Storage Unit

Face it, you can’t take everything, but why throw it away? Store it and keep it around for later. You are moving into a smaller space so you don’t need those skis or winter coats hanging around your place taking up valuable space, put it in a storage unit and get it when you need it.

North Shore Mini Storage is here to help with your downsizing needs, we offer great rates and flexible access hours. Contact Us today!

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