Making Moving a Breeze With These Moving Apps

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Moving isn’t very fun but you can make it easier. We have helped tons of people move from home to home, even across the country. Our 3 favourite smartphone apps to help our customers move are coming right up.

The Best Moving Apps

1. Moving Checklist Pro (iOS) Moving Planner (Android)

Making a good list is essential to any move. You need to know which items are going where and what boxes they are in. Using these two apps will take list making into the 21st century. Make sure that you download either one of these great apps and familiarize yourself with them before moving day.

2. MoveMatch (Android)

This super handy app helps you estimate the weight of all your boxes, then it creates a list that you can forward onto professional movers. Doing this allows for an accurate quote for the cost of moving. The best part? This app is totally FREE. Grab it now.

3. Moving Day (iOS)

This is by far our favourite moving app of the 3. “Moving Day” has built-in bar code scanning and label-making capabilities. Basically, you create the bar-codes on your iPhone, print them out, and then tape them to your boxes.  When you’re unpacking, you should be able to “scan” your boxes and immediately see the contents without physically opening the box. If the scanner on your iPhone isn’t working, “Moving Day” will allow you to manually enter the barcode information. This app is perfect for those who love to label every box while keeping track of what is inside of each.

So before you get to moving day, download each of these apps and give them a try. You won’t lose any information like you would with a pen and paper. It also helps if your handwriting is more like chicken scratch.

If you need extra storage during moving day you can always count on us!



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