Moving and Dealing With Allergies

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Allergies can become a real concern when moving day comes. Whether it’s from dust, pollen or mould, they can become a horrible annoyance on an already stressful day. This can also be a problem at the home you are moving too, so here is how to prevent your allergies from getting in the way.

Moving With Allergies


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Dust may be the most common allergy in North America. It can be triggered from moving items around that have been sitting, unwashed linens or extended periods of not vacuuming. Before you start your move, make sure to give everything a good dust off and vacuum and carpets. Place all linens inside zippered dustproof covers before you start removing them from the house.

In your new place, make sure to thoroughly clean and dust the whole place before you start moving things inside. Try to avoid carpeting and install a HEPA filter in your heating and air unit. Reducing clutter will help to keep dust down and is recommended if you are moving to a smaller home.


Mould is very toxic to humans, people with allergies to certain types of mould are susceptible to headache, congestion and coughing. Mould likes damp places, so when you are moving, try not to stir up any mould on furniture. If you have to, you might need to dispose of items instead of packing them up.

In your new home, look closely for signs of mould and deal with it. Under cabinets, bathrooms, near windows, anywhere that can be susceptible to moisture should be checked. You can always arrange for an air quality test of your home to be 100% sure.

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Happening mainly outside the home, pollen allergies commonly reoccur when the person afflicted moves to a new location. Different types of pollen in the air can trigger people who are allergic. Always carry some allergy pills just in case your new location doesn’t agree with you at first.

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