Choosing The Right Storage Room

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Selecting a suitable storage room does not have to be a challenge. Storage rooms in North Vancouver are available in different sizes, both climate controlled and non climate controlled. Your choice will be determined by the number and type of items you need to store. It is possible to find affordable self storage in North Vancouver by exploring the different options available.

Finding That Perfect Storage Room

Once you have a good idea of the number and type of items you need to store, you should think about their size and weight. It may be possible to stack some of them, while others may need to be stored separately. Storage rooms differ in sizes, and this is why it is necessary to know exactly how much each one of them can accommodate.


Another important aspect to keep in mind when choosing self storage is access. When selecting a storage room, consider ease of access. You need to make sure the items can fit in the space and you can easily access them without clearing the entire room.

If you are only storing the items for a short period and you do not need to use any of them, you can store them tightly. But if you are keeping them in the self storage facility for an extended period, it is significant to provide some extra space between the items. This will ensure proper ventilation and allow you to reach any of the items. The storage room should be big enough to allow you to have an aisle between the items.

Type of Room

The kind of storage room that you select will also be determined by the kind of items you are storing. You can store both household and business items. You can use the storage room to create additional space in the house. They are ideal for garden furniture and other items that can be damaged by the elements. Take advantage of self storage when you move house, refurbish or extend your home.


Your budget will also influence your choice of room. The amount of money you are willing to spend will determine the size of room you get. A reputable storage company will work closely with you to allow you to get something that is within your budget without compromising on the safety of the items that need storage, i.e. are they packed too tight, are heavy items going to damage other possessions in the storage room.

North Shore Mini Storage is a reputable company with over 30 years experience that offers flexible storage options. You can rent space for a month or as long as you like, depending on your requirements. You also get flexible access to the items you store, and there is no additional charge involved.

It is also necessary to think about security when you are selecting a storage room. Your possessions should be safe from intruders. If you find it difficult to determine the kind of storage room you require, our staff will work closely with you to help you narrow down the options available and help you choose the appropriate one.

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