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Self storage is most often thought of as a place to store your personal belongings: furniture, decorations, extra stuff you don’t have room for, vehicles and so on. But, have you ever thought about using a self storage unit for your business storage needs? If you haven’t, you may want to start thinking about it as a valuable resource for storing your business records, excess inventory and boxes and even old office furniture. Self storage can be a solution for large and small businesses alike.

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We have compiled a list of some businesses that could benefit from our business storage capabilities. This is by no means a complete list, but will give you an idea of how you can take advantage of self storage in your local business:

Local Business

Everything from family-owned restaurants to the florist down the road; many small businesses are in need of more space! Maybe your business is expanding and you just hired more employees, or maybe the office you rent is too small but you cannot afford to rent that large office until next year or the year after. By opting to clean up, clean out and move that excess stuff to a self storage unit, you can reorganize that storage closet in the hall for easy access to your office supplies and most important business files. You can use self storage to house your extra business files, last year’s tax returns and more! All those old documents and files that have been taking up that space (that you rarely need to view anyway) can be moved to a self storage unit. You can still have access to them when necessary, but there is no need to fill your office with things you may look at just a few times a year.

Legal Firms

Let’s face it, those in the legal field need their office space for their employees and clients. You cannot clutter up the lobby or corner office with boxes of old case files. They need to be stored in a safe place and out of sight. You can benefit from an off-site self storage unit to house your sensitive business records. Plus, you know they will be secure with our 24-hour closed-circuit monitoring system and keypad door access.


When you think about how many patients are seen at a doctor’s office or clinic every day, it can be overwhelming when you realize all the paperwork that tags along with each of those patients. You need to keep all of your current patients’ files on site so you can access them at any time. That means a lot of valuable space is taken up with important files. So, what do you do with all the old medical files and equipment that you cannot get rid of but really don’t have space for at the office anymore? You can keep it safe in a self storage unit to ensure both the preservation and integrity of everything while freeing up valuable space in the office for more current files and records.


In the foodservice industry, the more space you have to fill with patrons and customers, the more business you will see and the more money you will make. That means little extra room is left for the other things you need to keep your business running, such as extra tables, linens, glassware and business records. You can easily take advantage of a self storage unit to house these items and easily access them when necessary.

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