5 Things For a Quick Home Sale

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If you are in the process of a home sale, but it’s just not going as quick as you like, maybe you are missing these 5 home must-haves. By including just a few of these items, you should see an increase in the number of bids and an increase in price. Win-win.

5 Home Sale Must-Haves

1. Kitchen

Not, not just any kitchen, an updated one. This means having nice cabinets, good flooring (tile), and updated appliances. We understand that this can pose an enormous cost, but it’s just what people are looking for. The kitchen is often called the centerpiece of a home. Check out this great guide on organizing your kitchen.

2. Clutter-Free

Keep a lot of things inside your home or garage? Maybe time to rent a storage unit and get that stuff out of there. It’s a known fact that less is more and having a house that looks like it should be on an episode of hoarders, does not look good. Clean it out and keep it that way when showing.

3. No Carpets

Carpets are very 80’s. Besides the look of them, they attract dirt, stains, dust, pet hair, and anything else that can be trapped in their fibers. The way to do things now is wood or tile. Wood flooring doesn’t have to be expensive, even laminate looks better than carpet.

4. Full Laundry

Still, living in the ’40s without a dryer? Well, it certainly won’t help your home. The home today is expected to have a washer, dryer, and sink in a dedicated room. Making space for these appliances will really help to boost the selling price and bring in those bids.

5. Bathrooms

By bathrooms we mean, a few of them. A general rule you should follow is 1 bathroom per 2 bedrooms and preferably an en-suite in the master. This is a great opportunity to turn any half bathrooms into full ones. The more bathrooms you have the higher of a price you can command. Small bathroom? These people can help you renovate one.

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