Back-to-the-Grind Tips for Success

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Fall is here, and now you need to get back to the grind. Start slowly by planning some routines and making sure everything is nicely organized. If you need some extra space, choose North Shore Mini Storage for the best storage prices on the North Shore.

Back-to-the-Grind Tips for Success

To help you fall back into your routine this fall, here are some quick, helpful tips:

Post a Daily Routine: Designate a location to post a daily to-do list – helping your children establish routines for homework, reading, and bedtime.

Set Up Storage Space for Gear: To eliminate morning chaos, designate a location for book bags, lunch boxes, and shoes. Decorative hooks and colorful cubbyholes work well for storing items in convenient locations for your kids.

Label, Label, Label: Label boxes, bins, and even your time. This helps both adults and kids manage to-do lists better. Clean as You Go: Straighten up your kitchen while cooking, hang up clothes when you change, and put supplies back as soon as you’re done with them. This will save you hours later.

Prepare food the night before: Make breakfast and prepare lunches the night before, whenever possible. Throwing together breakfast on the go and organizing lunches for the whole family can make a busy morning even more overwhelming.

Once again, thanks to Sparefoot for allowing us to reblog these awesome tips. For all your storage needs, Contact North Shore Mini Storage today! Don’t let fall get you down and follow these tips for success.

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