6 Big Reasons to Use Self Storage

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Self Storage has many uses, but when we think about it, there are some more common reasons than others. So, what are these uses? Read below to find out.

Top Self Storage Uses

We are sure that you will find yourself using our Self Storage for one of these uses in the future. 


The way trends are heading to show that people are preferring to live in smaller and smaller homes. This saves on cost and allows people to move into more concentrated urban places. The inevitable happens when you downsize, and that is not having enough space for your things. This is why we find many people turning to self storage. It allows you to keep important things when you have no more room at home.


No one wants to go through a separation, but it happens quite often. This causes one of the two to move out and find a different living arrangement. Most choose a smaller place until finances are sorted out. Or they use a temporary housing situation. Through this, they use Self Storage to keep their items in the meantime. There is no point for moving things from home to home each time.


As we talked about in our previous article, death is a major reason for using self storage. When a loved one passes away, their estate needs to be accounted for and distributed. Placing their items in a self storage unit allows for a neutral place to store until the items are sorted through.


Working abroad or moving around the country for work is a prime reason to use self storage. When moving around, there are just some items too big to take, cars, mattresses, furniture, bikes etc. We at North Shore Mini Storage have great long term rates for people who need self storage when working abroad.


We are no strangers to earthquakes and flooding. When these horrible events happen, people turn to self storage. We are your temporary home for things you need to store while fixing your home after a disaster.


Things happen in life we cannot control. Things like the move-in date of your new home being pushed back at the last minute. What are you going to do with your items? Self Storage is the answer. We are here and can have you inside a unit within the day.

Self Storage needs vary from person to person, but we believe these are the top 6. Need storage now? Call us today! 

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