Items You Should Store While Moving

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If you’re in the middle of packing up your home to make the move into your next dwelling, it’s important to store certain items to smooth the moving process. With that being said, what should make its way into storage during this exciting time? We’ve compiled a list of items for you.

Items to Store While Moving

Holiday Decorations

The first thing you should think of storing while in the process of moving is your holiday decorations. Halloween, Christmas, Labor Day and everything in between. These items are often large and take up a lot of room and can be difficult to move, also you may not need them for some time depending on what time of year you are moving.

Extra Appliances

If you have an extra toaster oven, microwave or a spare dishwasher lying in the garage, you should think about storing these duplicate items. Appliances are often large and hard to move around, getting rid of these items by putting them into storage will help ease the move.


Seasonal clothing should make its way into storage as well. It’s not because they are heavy or hard to move, but they do take up a lot of room. Winter coats, jackets, snow pants, boots and all that comes with the different seasons should be thrown into storage so you can focus on the items you will be using immediately. Again, this is dependent on the time of the year you are moving.

Spare Furniture

This includes extra chairs for guests, patio tables and other spare furniture you may own. These items will take up way too much room in the moving truck or van and need to be stored because they aren’t a necessity when first moving in. Nobody is going to expect you to have the extra chairs and tables after you’ve just moved in.

There are a host of other items that you should consider storing before moving into your next home and it is very much dependent on what you have sitting in your house or garage. Even moving a few large items into a storage facility can really speed up the move and keep everyone involved happy.¬†After you have everything in order and ready to move, it’s important to find a moving truck that can fit all of your belongings in the least amount of trips.

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