4 Reasons Movers LOVE Self Storage

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Like vanilla ice cream and a slice of apple pie. Self Storage and movers go hand in hand. We are destined to be together because we just work. But, if you aren’t convinced, let us tell you 4 ways people who move love self storage. You will definitely be choosing North Shore Mini Storage before your next move out or move in!

Self Storage Loves Moving

With the endless possibilities that having more space creates, we are able to do a lot of things we wouldn’t be able to without self storage.

Create an Extra Room

Who wouldn’t love to have another room available in their home? I know I would for sure. What self storage does is help you to create extra space in your new home. Now that you are moving out, it’s so easy to drop off things you do not need all the time at a self storage location. Doing this will free up so much space you won’t know what hit you.

Access Belongings Easily

Do you not just love crawling over things in the garage to find that one item? We hate it. Self Storage allows you to store your items in a big space that easily accessible. It also frees up room in your home, so things can be found much quicker. Why store summer items in your home during the winter? Throw them into self storage and swap them out when summer hits.

Enjoy Convenience

It is oh so convenient to store your items with us at North Shore Mini Storage. We love our customers and do everything to try and make life easier. Just a few things you have access to with us are:

Climate Control

Some items and too precious and sensitive to store in the heat and humidity. So we offer indoor storage units. If you are moving to a new home that doesn’t have an air-conditioned garaged, you can count on us to keep your items nice and cool.

Bang, that’s it, 4 reasons why movers love self storage. We hope you choose us the next time you move.



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