Maximize Your Storage Space

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To ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and utilizing your space in the most efficient way, there are a few tips to maximizing your storage area. Storage space in getting tighter and tighter in this economy.

Maximize Your Storage Space


The first and most valuable action in organizing your possessions is to reduce the amount of clutter. Easy tips to reducing items include,

  • Keep track of the items you don’t use regularly or at all
  • Donate clothing and older appliances that have been updated
  • Break down your items by the room to which they belong
  • Measure how much space is available and “fill” it with the items you’re keeping
  • Follow the bottom third rule: The lower third part of a stack of items is the least used, and more likely to be part of the donate pile
  • Keep your new space in mind, especially when moving. Consider how you want it to appear, IE uncluttered and clean
  • Use a self storage facility to store seasonal goods

Using Containers

Clear plastic containers are one of the most efficient and time-saving storage devices available. A few of their strengths include:

  • The visibility of the containers saves tons of time when searching for specific items
  • They are versatile, protecting fragile items from the weather and corrosion
  • The shape allows for stacking and easier storage

DIY – Storage

Lifehack offers 20 tips to DIY storage to save space, stash household items, and keep your space tidy. The ideas range from shelving to using egg cartons as storage for small items. Feel free to get creative with your space in order to maximize your value!

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